Egyptian Media Participated as a Main Sponsor in AUC Employment Fair.

Egyptian Media Group is one of the largest media groups in the region, it’s a conglomerate of all types of media, print, broadcast and digital marketing. Egyptian Media was very keen to participate with all its subsidiaries in the AUC Employment Fair that took place on the 4th of November 2017, as a main sponsor for this huge event.

The event witnessed the attendance of media representatives from “iFly”, “Egyptian Outdoor” “ON Network” “Spade” and “synergy”. Also print media representatives from “Egypt Today”, “Business Today” and “Youm7”

Camera Tests were conducted by “ON Live” to select presenters from many AUC graduates. Which attracted a lot of students to the booth till the end of the day.

Egyptian Media purpose was always to develop unconventional standards for the content of media services through a comprehensive media umbrella. Through this huge Event, Egyptian Media Holding created its own brand positioning among the university professionals and the students as the largest Media Groups across the region. Being one of the best employers, Egyptian Media provided the best calibers with a huge number of job opportunities in different media sectors, including TV & Radio, Film Production, Print Media, PR, Marketing & Advertising, Learning & Development.

As for TV, Egyptian Media offered opportunities to the AUC students in one of its most famous channels, “ON Network”, including all its subsidiaries, ON E, ON Live, ON Sport, ON drama.

As well as the radio, “NRC’s Stations” including Mega FM, Radio Hits, 95.0 FM, Nagham FM.

As for the Film Production, job opportunities were provided in the biggest movie production companies, including “EM production”, “Misr Cinema” & “Synergy Production.”

In the Print Media field, “Youm7” came on top of the list, in addition to famous magazines like “Egypt Today”, “Business Today”, “Dot Masr”, and famous newspapers like “Ein” & “Sout Al Umma.”

Egyptian Media also entered the Marketing & Advertising field by providing jobs in one of the most proven track agencies like “Presentation Sports” that has revolutionized the advertisement and sponsorship of the sports market in Egypt in addition to “POD” & “Synergy Advertising”. Also, providing unique opportunities in digital media companies by introducing agencies like “Hashtag” & “Spade”.

Reference to the startup companies acquired by the group, Egyptian Media believed in providing young graduates with the opportunity to dig their future and become future leaders in the most challenging corporate environments that has a great potential in the Egyptian Market. Coming first, “Egyptian Outdoor” as a promising startup that was established to become the benchmark of out-of-home advertising in Egypt. Next goes to “Egyptian Media Academy” that was founded to create distinctive media calibers to deal professionally in the global media field in addition to teaching media science with an aim to promote professionalism and excellence among scholars and professionals in the field. Finally comes “iFly”, providing unique imagery and event shooting services using the most advanced drones for the students who are interested in the Media Technology.

The Event witnessed a huge number of graduates that were attracted to Egyptian Media Group booth. Curious to learn more about the opportunities provided, many of them presented their CVs to be considered for a job at Egyptian Media.