Egyptian Media with London Film Academy (LFA) announces Regional collaboration


Egyptian Media Group, the conglomerate of media providers and services is announcing a new collaboration agreement with the reputable creative and film making institute in Europe; London Film Academy (LFA).

Egyptian Media and LFA are joining forces to create a new venture to provide learning and education for aspiring creative and filmmakers around the MENA region provided from Cairo in Egypt. The partnership with the LFA reinforces Egyptian Media’s commitment to building a portfolio of career-enhancing courses for the media and creative industries, as part of its wide-ranging line up. Egyptian Media will use its market position to open up access to breadth of opportunity in the filmmaking industry and creative domain to the regional audience. LFA offers a wide range of courses from their well-established educational platform, using excellent material provided by world-class educators.

LFA celebrated on September 2017 their 15th Anniversary, where the executive management team of Egyptian Media has attended as part of their first steps in putting the agreement with LFA in place. The celebration took place in London with broadcaster Danny Leigh moderating the event and with the presence of special guests like Baroness Kidron, Jan Harlan and Terence Stamp with whom the LFA is working on a documentary about his life in film. The event, showcased LFA achievements of recent students and alumni over the last 15 years with the launch of the LFA Pioneers Award, followed by announcing the first of its kind expansion for LFA in Egypt and The MENA Region through its collaboration with Egyptian Media Group.

This Collaboration comes as part of Egyptian Media group Mission to develop and enhance the Egyptian Creative and Film Industries by bringing the best of its kind Film school in Europe. London Film Academy in Cairo will cater as a hub to bring together top-notch industry experts and gives the opportunity to develop a platform of learning through knowledge and practice from the MENA region.

The launch phase of London Film Academy in Cairo will provide great programs. Among those programs are Film making certificate, Documentary certificate, Screenwriting and directing certificate Cinematography and production and Shooting and lighting

In addition to the Young film makers’ academy.

Graduates of the LFA in Cairo will get a chance to showcase their movies and productions in both local and international events; as well as chance for the top performing participants to receive further development in the U.K. London Film Academy in Cairo will also cater as a consultancy hub for all media professionals, corporates, and individuals.