Egyptian Media Chooses FEP Capital as an Exclusive Consultant for its IPO

Egyptian Media Group signed an agreement with the FEP Capital to be the IPO consultant for the group that was established to become an extremely powerful media entity. The agreement was signed at FEP Capital’s premises, in the presence of Ahmed Abu Hashima, Chairman of Egyptian Media, Abdullah Al Shaheen, Chairman of FEP Capital and Omar Al Maghawari, FEP’s Managing Director.

Mr. Ahmed Abu Hashima, Chairman of Egyptian Media, mentioned that the selection of FEP Capital was based on its well-established position and the fact of being one of the strongest investment banks in the Egyptian market now, In addition to his confidence in its great experience to prepare the group to enter the Egyptian Stock Market. He added that Egyptian Media is seeking to become the leading media group on the regional and international levels.

Abdullah Al Shaheen, Chairman of FEP Capital, mentioned that the group's quest to issue Egyptian Media’s IPO now will have a major positive impact on the stock market.

Omar Al Maghawari, FEP Capital’s Managing Director mentioned that the agreement includes Egyptian Media financial restructuring along with all its subsidiaries aiming to integrate the group’s activities to achieve a financial surplus in preparation for launching the group on the Egyptian Stock Exchange. He added that a financial plan has been created to prepare Egyptian Media for any new capital expansions or acquisitions of new entities taking into consideration all the competitive opportunities in the market that matches the group activities.