Egyptian Media Buys Satellite Broadcasting Rights for all the “CAF” Competitions

Egyptian Media Group announced its interest to purchase the broadcasting rights to all the CAF competitions through an offer by Presentation Sports, one of Egyptian Media’s main subsidiaries, Egyptian Media is the first Egyptian company to take this step aiming to represent Egypt in the international sports arena.

Egyptian Media aims to strengthen Egypt’s growing image among the global sports community through this deal in a way that serves its local sports community positively.

In the past few days, the international sports community witnessed an unprecedented surprise by the first Egyptian company, Presentation Sports presented an offer to the African Football Confederation (CAF) to buy the airing rights for the CAF Championships until 2028 with a value of over 600 million dollars.

This deal is considered one of the biggest deals made in the Egyptian sports history that has been under preparation since Egyptian Media’s acquisition of 51% of Presentation Sports in June, where it announced that one of its most important goals is to open new horizons for the football economy covering all its elements.

Ahmed Abu Hashima, Chairman of Egyptian Media, announced an ambitious strategy to bring major new investments to the media sector and contribute to the restoration of Egypt’s glory regionally and internationally while conforming to the competitive rules that would allow everyone working in the field of media and sports to benefit.