ON & Abu Dhabi Media Networks Strategic Partnership Resulting in a Fruitful Cooperation happening in Ramadan. (Al-Jama’a 2) and (Zibq)

With the dawn of Ramadan, a fruitful cooperation protocol is taking place between both ON Network and Abu Dhabi Media Foundation. Both channels are participating in airing two of the most interesting series in Ramadan this year (Al-Jama'a 2) and (Al-Zibaq). Both series are ranked among the highest in production this year, along with their unique artistic and cultural value.

During the previous six months, extensive collaboration has been taking place between ON Network and Abu Dhabi Media Network that featured large entertainment programs like (Kol Youm Jumah), that was held by the famous Egyptian presenter (Amr Adeeb) hosting famous stars from both media and football sectors in the Arab region. In addition to having the exclusivity in broadcasting both the World Cup (Russia 2018) and the Italian Cup matches that no other channels had the privilege to cover it at that time. 

It is expected that the coming period will witness huge collaborations in producing global programs and series in addition to maintaining the sports collaboration (Cairo Abu Dhabi) that achieved great success during the previous period, especially that famous Egyptian stars like Hazem Imam, Mahmoud Al Khateeb and the great sports journalist Yacoub Saadi contributed to it.

Ahmed Abu Hashima, Chairman of Egyptian Media, signed a protocol of cooperation between the two institutions last November. When he met with Professor Nora Al Kaabi, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Media Council, they both agreed to maintain the strong cooperation for a broader strategic partnership between the two leading media organizations.